House M.D.

177 episodes. 8 years. It’s over. Actually it was over since 21 may 2012, but for me it’s over now. Today I saw the last episode, a stunning episode. This series has tied friendships, it has formed a family. I started watching this series following a tip of a friend and I don’t regret it. It have passed 8 years of emotions, of hard feelings, of love, of faith, of irony, of laughter. During the 8 seasons I had seen how the characters have changed, how years passed over them, I had seen and I had learned. But this series has left a stamp on me, a big stamp. A stamp of believing more in science than everything else, it guided somehow my future in medicine, it made me decide to follw medicine. I learned from this series how to don’t lose my hope, I learned to hope allways for better things :). I learned that „everybody lies”, even if it is for a good or bad cause, because we are genetically programmed to lie. I learned that full happines only exist in fairytales, and real life is actually pain :). I learned that everyone has his dose of selfishness and nothing lasts forever . It had the power to transpose us near the protagonists, on stage, every time … thus, during each episode we lived with them, near them :)I learned from this series that no one resembles another person, so those ones who pretend they are like Hous, they are liers, because like House himself says „That’s a lie 🙂 „, each person resembles itself. I found so many beautiful melodies, brilliants, soulful and lively! Thanks those who wrote the scenary of House M.D. series.

Now, I have for you a movie with scenes of all the 177 episodes 🙂 and 2 songs, one which plays in the end of the series, a song which teach us how to keep House foreve in our hearts… and another song from me 🙂 . And I’ll invite you to check out Calin, his melodies inspired those above 🙂 .

source vimeo ( user ncismelanie )

source youtube ( user pcolson90 )

source youtube ( user GunsNRosesVEVO )

13 gânduri despre &8222;House M.D.&8221;

  1. De la „Neveste Disperate” nu a mai fost nici un serial sa-mi placa :((( si mi-e ciuda ca nu am si eu un serial acolo cat o fi de amarat ca sa am si eu ce urmarii si despre ce sa discut cu prietenii mei imaginari :(((

    • pai.. cauta pana gasesti… nici mie nu-mi plac toate… greu am mai gasit cate un serial care sa imi placa… eu am cont pe vplay.. si acolo sunt o gramada de seriale la colectii: istorice, de actiune, comedii, de medicina, stiitifice.. uite iti pot recomanda ceva care cred ca seamana cu neveste disperate: Good Wife se numeste… si cateva care imi plac mie: Lie to me, House, Grey’s anatomy, iar acum aparut de curand Perception !
      Intra pe Vplay, fa cont, si uita-te la colectii.. da si daca intri pe un anumit serial ai si o descriere 🙂 !

  2. awww, ce onorata ma simt sa spun ca sunt mandra de tine!. Nu stiam ca stii engelza atat de bine. Te felicit si pentru asta ! Imi pare sincer rau ca s-a terminat, dar intodeauna putem sa revizuim seriile. Pana una alta..iti doresc un weekend placut si astept mai multe postari 🙂

    • multumesc! Ma bucura cuvintele tale, ca de obicei! Sincer, nu stiam daca sa scriu in romana sau in engleza… parca imi veneau cuvintele in engleza, gandurile imi erau in engleza .. la house.. si fiind vorba despre house, am zis sa scriu acest post in engleza 🙂
      Da putem revedea seriile.. dar nu va mai fi niciodata o continuare.. una e cand revezi ceva si sti mereu ce se va intampla.. si alta e cand te uiti nerabdator sa vezi ce se mai intampla 🙂
      Weekend placut iti doresc de asemenea si iti multumesc de trecere :)!

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